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Moliendo Finest Coffee

Carefully selected Specialty Coffee beans, roasting professionals and processing…

Moliendo Finest Coffee is the registered brand of Kahvesan Gıda which consists of 70 kinds of specailty coffee beans manufactured in İstanbul. Our brand meets the three basic criterias of standart taste and high quality coffee; good beans, good roasting and good brewing.

Moliendo Finest Coffee is manufactured with the vision of “To serve the best coffees in the world with an extraordinary experience”. We also serve specially selected coffees from the farms around the world to coffee lovers in Turkey by our retail digital channel and exclusive shops.

Why Choose Moliendo Finest Coffee?


The most variety with 70+ kinds of coffee

Specially selected beans from world leader farms


Production with special roasting profile for each coffee

Always fresh

Daily production with professional roasters

The Science Of Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee is a mastery. Each coffee is different and needs to be treated accordingly. Years of experience is needed to roast the coffee as it should be and delicious as can be. We use the means of technology but the essence is the roaster’s senses and love of coffee which makes the difference. Moliendo Finest Coffee is the natural result of experience, technology and our love of coffee.

Special Features

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Levend Nezihi Aktaş


Gonca Parlak


Zekai Arslan


Mücahit Arslan

Wholesale Production

Ayla Varlı

Retail Production


It provides Specialty Coffee from the selected farms around the globe to HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant,
Cafe) enterprises with unique roasting, consulting, profile developing and preparing exclusive blend